all the questions.

within 24 hours of each other, my mama and alex asked me about this blog, whether i am still working on it, thinking about it, what is happening over there already?

it's here. i'm here. i'm still thinking about food and policy and cooking all the time. and i want to write on it more but i can barely stay afloat with all my work (that thing that actually pays me).

i digress. smashedgoods is not over (and the handle is certainly active on twitter). i'm just not here in full force in the way i'd like. someday, i swear.


we were snowed in.

it means:

  • lots of hot coffee
  • eating all the leftovers
  • clomping around in the snow with the pup
  • listening to the magnetic fields pandora station
  • fresh-baked bread (this one)
  • canceled meetings (but still work)
  • writing about food safety during a power outage (we didn't suffer, but others did)
  • keeping your beer cold by putting it outside



on loaf three of the easiest sandwich bread ever. we're big bread-eaters over here, so i'm trying to find ways to have more goodness for less dollars. and with not too much of a time commitment, which is actually the hardest part.

**the photo is loaf one. i am working on my "pinch."


because there is no one else.

“Share the eats, share the drinks, be of good cheer, and if we work together, maybe tomorrow we won’t die quite so quickly." --Pete Seeger

We lost a great one yesterday--folksinger, radical, Vagabond Puppeteer, maker of strawberry shortcake, boat-builder, holder of my heart.


how to separate eggs.

i'm more of a let-the-yolk-run-between-your-fingers kind of girl, but my mama sent me this video and it's pretty awesome.

also on the horizon.

pickled collard greens stems (made with this recipe). they've got to sit for 3 days, but i have high hopes for putting fewer things in the compost (in general) by pickling them.


thinking back to the days of midori and amaretto sours (seriously, that was 15 years ago?), i decided to make my own sour mix. and drink it with some amaretto, which we apparently keep in the house.

i followed the recipe on a beautiful mess. the whole thing took 15 minutes and maybe $3. and it keeps for a few weeks, at least. it's not even 10am, so i'll be trying it out later.


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