baking bread.

i feel like i've given up on a lot of things in the market. i've quit buying salsa (it's been months and months) and i might be done buying bread. i was baking rye bread semi-regularly through the fall but then stopped when i went to new york.

upon return, i made a loaf of "fast white bread" from the joy of cooking. {do you own this book? you should. it's definitely my most-used cookbook.} it's really very easy, with not too many steps. about 2 hours from start to finish and that is F-A-S-T for bread.

i even photographed the steps! if you want me to type it up, i will, but seriously you need this book.
mine came out a little shorter than i wanted but it was still big enough for sandwiches. and! it lasted almost a week on the counter without molding. i ate it all so i don't know when the mold might have arrived, but i was going to put it in the fridge today if i hadn't consumed it all.

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