weird kid.

as a kid, i ate of a couple of things that i probably would not eat today. i don't just mean processed foods; i just mean weird foods. really plain ones, in my case.

1. i loved iceberg lettuce. i couldn't get enough. i thought it was just so awesome. yes.
2. i was a big fan of plain noodles. cooked noodles, with nothing on them. sometimes, with salt, but mainly plain.

ok, so that's all i think of right now. the other night, i cooked way too much spaghetti and didn't have enough sauce for it. so, i put the pasta in a tupperware and put it in the fridge.

we all know where this is going. i ate the noodles today. i was weird kid; that's all i have to say.

new eggs.

i thought i invented new eggs. but blake just thinks that is crazy. but, i could, i could create new eggs. i think.

i am pretty sure there's a name for this process. i melted some butter in a pan and cracked two eggs in it, added some kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper. i prefer my eggs fried, but i knew i couldn't flip two of them without making a mess. i put the lid on the top of the skillet! yes, they sort of poached on top and fried on the bottom. yum. (i also think that this is the type of eggs that my friend lindsey likes, for which she created her own name.)

i sauteed some spinach with some mushrooms to accompany the eggs. and, as i am lacking in more creative options, i ate the meal with some corn chips. it was actually quite a tasty dinner.

with jelly.

so, i am moving. to brooklyn, which is a big move as far as i'm concerned. i want to eat as many of my perishable goods as i can, so that i don't waste them, or have to move them.

totally, i made vanilla ice cream more exciting by adding a dollop of bonne maman apricot jelly, a shake of fancy cinnamon, and a bit of cool whip. yes, cool whip. i said it. we have some in our freezer from a dinner party earlier this summer. and it's made of nothing a person should eat, but just as tasty as i remember.

it was delicious.


soda soda soda

soda without high-fructose corn syrup. yes, i know it sounds insane, but it's true. boylan sodas are made with sugar cane. and real vanilla. they are super delicious. why can't all soda be like this? because i love it. 

in addition, the star of my blog, little brother blake, also loves them. unfortunately, he's moving back to texas so there will be few posts about him in the future. 

corn phone.

yes, there's corn in a phone. thank you, samsung. i am not sure about how environmentally friendly it will truly be, but it's partially made from corn. like everything in america.



exciting news in milk. well, all dairy.

monsanto apparently wants to sell off its dairy hormone business because consumers no longer want hormones in the their milk. apparently, there has been so much media around the potential harmful nature of the hormone (to the cows, and to the humans that consume the cows) that monsanto wants to sell off its business and concentrate on other things. there is little proof in the effects, but cows taking it produce about an extra gallon of milk per day.

whoa. that's a lot of milk. and, do we need to be drinking bovine somatotropin? probably not.


supermarket sweep.

it seems as though the supermarkets are catching up; they've realized the importance of local food, or at least those mentioned in the nytimes today. people want food that's grown nearby, and, of course, food that is affordable. with rising fuel costs, it is becoming less efficient to import food from other countries, as well as the other side of this one. even wal-mart is getting in on the goods; with the $400 million it plans to spend this year on local produce, it will be the largest player in the market (of course).

the article also suggests an "emotional connection with local," making it sound like we need to go to therapy with our tomatoes. local food just makes sense, right? why would we export our homegrown apples to import other ones? it's just not logical. not that the us agricultural policy is entirely logical.



when he goes to a diner, blake likes to eat jelly out of the packet with a fork. he's been doing it since he was a child. there's no real explanation for why he only does this only in diners, or why with a fork. he really likes strawberry. today, he ate one packet as an appetizer and one as a dessert.

i am under the impression that it is some sort of secret behavior. i imagine that many people have secret eating habits that they don't allow to come out in the open. we'll see if i ever tell you mine. 

i scream, you scream

i love ice cream, especially in the summer.  i've spent the last 2 summers using my hand-crank ice cream machine to make some pretty tasty treats: organic mint, lemon-ginger, double chocolate, peach. it's quite easy, and few ingredients are needed: milk, sugar, eggs, vanilla... but i've been a bit lazier this year. 

our dessert the other night was a kid's dream: sweet vanilla with m&ms. simple, yet perfect. 


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