yeah, so.

i've been totally slacking at this blogging, wearing my "driving googles," as casey calls them, mostly to drive his dog (who seems to have a thing for australian shepherds) back and forth to the dog park while he vacationed in jackson hole. YEAH, seriously.
however, last week, he returned and so i am back in action, crafting it up with miss alex and baking sage biscuits and drinking dark beers and eating fried eggs. not all at one time. but mostly.
i swear i will tell y'all more things. sometimes life just gets in the way, which is kinda sorta why you can just read my twitter and know all of the minutia of my eating life. 


just like.

all the necessary food groups: coffee, fried egg, beans, greens, tomatoes, fruit.


one more.

the last week before class included cooking, reading, reading cookbooks, eating greasy beans, carrots, and peanut butter sandwiches, and drinking too much coffee brewed in the chemex.

oh yeah.

these are the photos i tried to post last week. 


would you believe

that this little blog turned 4 in december? that we are in year 5 of it? all the eggs i've consumed? or beers? that i started it to ramble about food and policy and now i never write about policy because it is what i do for school?

holy hot bananas.

when in rome.

drink beers with buffaloes on the labels.



blogger has been giving me trouble. it doesn't want to post things with too many (as in 2) photographs. so, the last post currently has none, which i will try to fix. but i am frustrated and giving up for now.

back to beans.

we know i love a greasy bean, possibly too much. what is a greasy bean, you ask? well, when it's not a coffee bean (which i also like greasy, rather than dry), it could be any bean, even a bit overcooked (as i sometimes forget the slow cooker is cooking, but i've been gifted a handy kitchen timer for christmas this year), with a generous helping of olive oil, sea salt, and crushed red pepper. it's really the most delicious thing out there. forget pastries and tales of molecular gastronomy, it's mostly a greasy bean i want.

and we're supposed to eat black-eyed peas for new years. i managed a couple of days without them, mostly due to the fact that we were driving from ithaca to north carolina (11 hours in the car) and then spent monday watching the aforementioned football and doing laundry.

so, yesterday: collard greens (also apparently lucky for new years) with mushrooms, garlic, and onions (so much garlic that casey said it was seeping from my pores); a salad of radish and tomato, a fried egg on wheat, and a bowl of greasy black-eyed peas. OH yes.

and today's lunch: a bowl of greasy black-eyed peas (hey! i am alone in this house so i am eating them all), carrots + hummus, and a salad of spinach, tomatoes, and mushrooms, with a hunk of almost-stinky french cheese.

with some coffee from the chemex (more on that later).

the greasiest.

new years day.

started off the year in an ithaca diner with a fried egg sandwich with american cheese on rye. and coffee, obviously.
and all in a collapsible seat that seemed like a booth from afar. oh, yes.


all the football.

in the last 2 weeks, i have not only been to a professional football game, but also tailgated it (defined as drinking beer behind and/or near a parked car) while wearing team gear. on christmas eve day, i witnessed the buffalo bills beat the denver broncos OUTSIDE. they are also one of losing-est teams in the NFL. but that's neither here nor there.

more importantly, i purposely went to a bar to watch another football game YESTERDAY. the university of houston played penn state in the cotton bowl and i was happy to see the ol' alma mater kick some ass. with a 23 oz miller lite. 2 of them. and a plate of nachos and potato skins.

with casey, of course. i could never have done it alone. friends don't let friends football alone.

also, hello, 2012.


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