here we go.

i am going to do a little challenge: to make and eat at least 28 different homecooked dinners in april.

i think i am easily lead astray into a restaurant by the boyfriend and it's costly (and i am beyond poor) and often not so awesome.  i am giving myself 2 nights out at most (potentially when april and adam are here) but that's it.  each dinner must be different; there can be more than one taco night, for instance, but not the same insides.

ready? photos to come.


see? i told you.

they are growing! i was going to put them in the garden boxes this weekend but it kept raining. so, soon. and i am going to plant some bell peppers too--with the seeds from inside a pepper from last week!


friday night.

yes. i have an 18-pack of PBR in my basket, alongside a bag of goodies for 7-layer dip, and i am headed to watch basketball at alex's. how do you start your weekend?


it's all happening.

1. the pepper plants are growing! i am hoping to put them all in the boxes this weekend. (blue bonnet buds are showing up, too.)
2. blue bell ice cream arrives in the triangle. oh, YES. it is "the country's best ice cream" and it is from texas, obviously.
3. i am going to write a law paper on why it's ok to positively discriminate against small farmers. oh my.
4. ben meier brought me black mission fig bitters from brooklyn. with a medicine dropper for dispensing!
5. we're getting bon appetit again. and got 2 issues at once. one with cinnamon buns on the front, which i have been craving for weeks, oddly.
6. the garden project is back in action.


here's how it goes.

1. my arugula has the teeniest little buds growing.
2. i know a lot about the slaughter of chickens in north carolina.
3. i have tried 3 different grilled cheese sandwiches in the last 24 hours.
4. there's a food truck rodeo tomorrow in durham with 30 trucks. i didn't even know we had that many!
5. i really love whiskey. the bar. and the liquor.
6. if you haven't heard, i also love america. there's a list of reasons that is WAY longer than this one.