oh, frito.

i introduced casey to frito pie. i mean, he had been missing this incredible texan delicacy. for those of you who don't know, it's a bowl of fritos with chili poured over it, and often cheese.  actually, traditionally, it's a bag of fritos opened, with the chili (beef, no beans) poured into the bag. but there were only big bags at the store. while casey and i can eat a lot, it seemed absolutely ridiculous to pour a whole pot of a chili into a huge bag. so we did not. we just ate tons of it.

huck, on the other hand, was less than interested.

trust me.

ciabatta with cheddar and fried egg, roasted rosemary potatoes, and a salad of carrots + radishes + basil.

it's amazing i am writing this post. i've got a crazy amount of schoolwork. luckily, i am watching the third season of parks and recreation and it actually makes me laugh out loud. that takes some serious dry humor.



work. work. work.
everything is about panel data and farmers' markets and food stamps and the food history of houston. and more. i'll be back once i find my way out from under this pile of articles.


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