don't worry. i am still here. just under a pile of journal articles and garden safety tasks and a million other things worthy of my new laser printer. posts to come.



alex and i witnessed the magic of the lewis bag at the crunkleton on derby day.  it is a pouch made of sturdy fabric which is loaded up with ice, only to be smashed to make perfect mint julep ice (which is a lot like sno-cone ice). of course, once we saw it, we wanted it. and wanted to make it ourselves.

yes, she set up in front of her only-a-little-scary sewing machine and guided me through the process of sewing straight lines on rectangle fabric. needless to say, it was not so hard. 

but then what? THE JULEP. casey was back in action last weekend with the juleps and actually put the lewis bag to the test. i didn't have a mallet so he used a frying pan. adorbs. 

and delicious, as always.

in it.

this semester has already begun to eat me alive, to make me feel like what i am doing is both important and useless, to allow me to forget about writing here because there is just no time for anything. but i am still eating like a champ, obviously.

seen above: steamed broccoli, buttery + garlicky potatoes, black beans and onions with serrano pepper, topped with a fried egg.

we have also given up the CSA for the fall and have committed to weekly farmers' market shopping. we wanted more variety and not feel so tied to large bags of squash and watermelons. so far, so good. yesterday's $15 yielded tomatoes, japanese eggplant, arugula, cucumber, red potatoes, spicy peppers that look like bell peppers, and a cantaloupe. i am also now the proud owner of a purple pepper plant that i was promised would have spicy peppers AND would be hard to kill. we shall see.


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