in which i post a simpsons episode about bart, lisa, and marge as food bloggers.

i sort of hate the episode. but sort of love it, too.



we made chalupas last night. fried up the tortillas at home and all. tasty photos to come.


wait. pizza?

can you believe congress declared pizza a vegetable? to begin, tomatoes are a fruit.

i might need to get working on school lunch policy. this is a disaster.


fridays = saddle shoes.

a gift certificate to the starbucks meant a little coffee date with casey on friday morning. also included were saddle shoes, stripey socks, and sparkly tights.


always and forever.

parks and recreation takes on the world food crisis in a model UN episode.

i love this show. SO much.


monday, monday.

i always eat at home on mondays, as my class is late and my office is musty.

stinky-awesome french cheese, pea shoots, tomatoes, and cucumbers on 9-seed wheat bread from ninth street bakery, tortilla chips, and chickpeas with olive oil, salt, and pepper. the cutest lunch.



why yes, i am eating tacos multiple times per week.

sunday morning: corn tortillas with spinach, eggs, tomatoes, onions. and garlicky-salty roasted potatoes (on the side, because the tortillas can't hold so much).



reading glasses and hot tea. too many pieces of paper, things misunderstood. lots of tacos, 'cause they are easy. ready for the semester to end.


it's all like this.

but mostly everything i eat is a variation of this meal. on the weekends my sandwiches have eggs and i am able to cook potatoes and eat complicated salads. on a weekday, there would just be a carrot or two on the side. maybe some pretzels.

ciabatta with cheddar and a fried egg, roasted rosemary potatoes with olive oil and sea salt, and a salad of carrots, radishes, cucumbers, and basil. oh thank you, north carolina, for the diversity at your farmers' markets.


things are happening. too fast. i am always behind and always working. and casey is attempting this whole gluten-free life, at my suggestion, no less. so eating is weird altogether.

but i wanted to make this tart. and i don't always love mark bittman, as i think he seems to not-really-love vegetables. yes, i know he has a whole cookbook to vegetarian cooking, but i was always under the impression that he eating the veggies because he should, not because they are delicious. and it just puts me off. but, yes, i do follow him on twitter.

so i made the tart, which casey thought was some sort of dessert pizza, and i guess it is. you only need 2 apples, not 3-4. i added an extra tablespoon of sugar and some shakes of cinnamon to the crust mixture, as i was using the gf flour and it tends to get dusty, as april and i might say.

it's pretty delicious. and easy. i already had all of the ingredients at home, which is the key to cooking these days. and i made it while doing homework. and it's fall and cold and i want to eat hot things with apples.


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