trying to worry less.

i've been on an accidental hiatus, trying not to over-think my dissertation (which i should be thinking about more than i do), attempting to enjoy the swamp we call DC (and find the spots to hang where everyone does not seem to be exactly the same), riding the bike, walking the pup, and reading the fiction.

it's summer, right? there's been loads of visitors to entertain and a beach weekend on the horizon, followed by a jaunt to new york and north carolina (by car, and over the span of a couple days). a new sleeping bag and a headlamp are sure to mean this mid-august camping trip is for real (i've already got the mosquito bites).

but, yes, the hiatus. i haven't even really photographed much since i've been here (i don't know what is on those sandwiches in the photograph). i often use casey's phone because it's always on him and mine never makes it to the kitchen, so i've only got a few things to show off. but mostly we eat CSA fruits and vegetables and too many cheez-its. and drink tons of beer.

i am not making any promises to write more for the time-being. full-time work followed by dissertating and entertaining has left me tired. but this blog is not done. it's just resting its eyes. and i am enjoying not opening my computer for days at a time.


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