maybe like at oneg shabbat.

when i think of oneg shabbat (the little reception after friday night shabbat services), i think that there might have been a pull-apart cake. or maybe it was the luncheon after saturday morning services. i know it was there. typically made from those pre-made pillsbury biscuits that pop(!!) when you open the can. but i digress.

recently, i saw a recipe in the internets for monkey bread, which is apparently how many folks call it. and this one was a little more detailed, with yeast and a couple of rises and definitely a bigger time commitment. but as soon as i saw it, i wanted it. so i made it for the book discussion (i will not get into the book, because i could not stand it.). it was a total hit. like bite-sized cinnamon buns.
a note: i didn't have a bundt so i used an angel food pan. a few pieces got stuck to the bottom but i just refitted them to the top of the cake. and there's icing, so i bet no one noticed anyhow.

there was a discussion.

 for a book. at my house. and i made some treats.
 including these rosemary crackers (with rosemary from my little garden!).
 i am not going to write out the recipe, because i followed the at the link.
but they were DELICIOUS and so. damn. easy. you should make some.

looking forward, looking back.

closing out the final days in my chapel hill apartment was a smattering of awesomely awkward meals lunches. i had a dozen eggs, loads of potatoes, and for a while, beans and bread. but eventually i had to resort to eating out, as i packed it all up and then refused to go to the grocery store (except for yogurt, which i ate with my spork).

may 7: steamed broccoli, navy beans with sea salt and crushed red pepper, sourdough with cheddar, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise.
 may 12: the butt of the sourdough with a fried egg and goat gouda. smashed potatoes.
may 13: sourdough with lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, and cheddar. green beans with the end of the pecorino and purple spring onion and garlic.
may 15: eggs scrambled with habanero pepper, onion, and corn (frozen). potatoes with salt and garlic. tortilla chips made from sliced corn tortillas toasted in the toaster oven. store-bought salsa.

i probably made about 2 more meals after this one, one of them being boxed mac-and-cheese (the once per year treat). because moving.


markets in the district.

heading to DC for the summer means figuring out where i can get vegetables from the farmers regularly. and now there's a map with days and times to let me know.

i am ready for you, DC.

**blurry photo from last week's best sandwich ever: rosemary focaccia, cheddar, fried egg, tomato, and mayo. you don't need fancy things to be the best.


the baby, for now.

my goddaughter olivia is turning two today.

if she lived near me, i'd make her this cake. or this one. or maybe these. or maybe alex would make her a baked alaska.

i hope it is the greatest.

the broccoli rabe.

i was lucky to get a nice-sized bunch of broccoli rabe in the farmers' market a couple of weeks back. for $3. it was super bitter and beautiful, but wilted quickly, which meant i had to consume it pretty damn fast.
may 3: the end of the focaccia and the rabe (sautéed with garlic). sandwiched with bucheron and radishes. with carrots, cucumbers, green peppers, strawberries (it's strawberry season here, kids!)


i did not wear the gold bikini to class.

though there was a star wars themed final exam. and i made star wars cookies: yoda, darth vader, and stormtroopers. in appropriate colors (and flavors) and iced.

williams-sonoma sells these miraculous cookie cutters, and i followed the recipe on the packaging. for the cocoa darth vaders, i used a bon appetit christmas recipe. they were definitely the superior cookie.

a short photo essay (the pictures really tell the story here):
1. the recipe. on the wall. i made two batches, one dyed light green for yoda. 
2. the butter. more than a pound in total.
3. fresh bags of sugar and flour. because well, i made about 100 cookies.
4. the stormtroopers, before they went into the oven.
5. the yodas, freshly cut. i added green balls for eyes.

totally amazing. those fancy cookie cutters are worth every penny. the detail was amazing. and the students were totally impressed. 


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