the worst.

i burned my left hand so terribly this morning that i am beyond behind in my work (don't worry; i am fine, i swear). and casey had to help me cook. seriously, the project that ate my summer just gobbled it all up.



it's hot as hell. i've been making LOADS of sun tea. pictured is darjeeling in the small jar and black apricot in the french press.


hell yeah.

the best salsa. straight from texas. in a six pack. it's most exciting thing to happen here in a while.

grilling + chiling

i bought a grill. it's charcoal, not propane. yes, yes, i realize that blake and hank hill are cringing as i write this post. but i don't have space (or money!) for propane. 

it's small. portable. there's some "natural" charcoal. shira is really taking this on as a personal challenge. (on that note, i think that because someone always wants to take charge of the grill is the reason i barely know how to use it.)
anyhow, we grilled it up last night: corn (finally in the CSA!), potatoes, squash, heirloom watermelon. yes, watermelon.

with some beans + rice. and a belgian beer. sounds like summer to me.


going way back.

june 30th. tacos with shira. plus beer tasting.
flour tortillas  + black-eyed peas + avocado + mushrooms + onions + salsa

i am incredibly behind in this blogging. and have tons of work to do. i'll catch up in august or something.

chubby chubby.

casey bought a groupon for chubby's tacos, which meant we could have twice the amount of tacos for half the price. we had both heard lovely things about chubby's so it just seemed right. there was quite a bit to choose from, so i just started ordering all the vegetarian goodies until i thought we'd had enough.
3 kinds of tacos (including a chile relleno taco), a spinach gordita platter with rice and black beans, a couple of mexican beers. we were so full of greasy goodness that we had to take a little walk around the neighborhood before we could get back in the car. 

overall, it was pretty delicious, but nothing to write home about, though casey says i write home about everything (e.g., this blog, the postcards, and the like). i wanted spicier overall, though i must say that the salsas were awesome. and there were like 8 from which to choose. insanity.

we've got another groupon so more treats are to be had. 

**that incredible face he's making is because he's hungry and all i want to do is photograph the food. adorable, huh?


doctor, doctor.

working at the morning times in raleigh last week = dr. brown's cream soda. LOVE.

but i would've taken whichever one they had. they make me think of houston + the bagel shop.


preceded by a night of rollerskating: dairy queen blizzards with amy, shira, and alex. yes, 4 different ones on the table! i had banana split, a spillover from roadtrips to port aransas in the minivan. but the other girls had various chocolately who-knows-what. and of course, the server flipped over each one to prove they were thick enough.

***and let's just say july might lack huge descriptions, but can be full of photographs.

like this.

working working working on this crazy literature review. the part i am dealing with now is mostly like this diagram.


my first growler of beer since i got to north carolina: aviator warthog wheat.

the rules governing the growlers are different here than in new york. they come already-bottled, with the name of the brewery emblazoned on the front. the beer inside must match the brewery on the bottle. you put a deposit and then just return it for another. or you get the deposit back.

of course casey and i drank it all in one night.


yeah. so what?

i ate pasta with cuttlefish ink in new york.
i wanted to eat the ink. it was the most interesting thing on the menu.

it was delicious. and not fishy at all.




gin infused with cucumber.
oh yeah we did. and it was delicious, too.

(a recipe: slice up some cucumbers and put them in a jar. pour gin over cukes. wait 2 days. drink.)



i've got things to tell you: things about goat and cuttlefish, about gardening and composting, about pies and ice cream, about gin and st. germain. THINGS.



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