by the way, we're off the sprouts. you should be, too. details from bill marler and suzanne hobbs.


sourdough toast with peanut butter and strawberrry jam. it never fails.


new rack on my bike. a little tune-up. riding about town with food books (mostly from inter-library loan) on the back: sustainable agriculture, food justice, minimally-processed and refrigerated fruits and vegetables.

seriously, academics couldn't give a book a good name if they tried.


oh yeah.

i made refrigerator pickles last week. it's so easy and we had pounds + pounds of cucumbers from the CSA. ready for a july 4th BBQ or something.



i had a jar of egg whites. well, actually i had jars of various random things in the fridge and they are never labeled and i am always telling shira what the hell is inside of them. i had these egg whites because i had been making bourbon-mint(!!) ice cream and it only called for yolks. and there's no way i was just going to throw out the whites.

so i scrambled them with some onions in butter and threw them on a sandwich with fontina cheese and lemon cucumber, on toasted sourbough (which i am really into these days). i ate it with sauteed broccoli + squash.

tuesdays aren't usually the greatest for eating. wednesday is CSA day--and we got peaches this week.


sunday lunch.

sourdough bread with tomatoes, cucumbers, and fontina cheese, with mustard. plus hummus (sabra!) and carrots.


rosemary-apricot loveliness.

this week's baked sunday recipe: rosemary-apricot squares.

but, matt and renato, this recipe has WAY too many appliances. a food processor, a stand mixer, and cooking on the stovetop, in addition to the oven?! it's a lot to handwash. and a couple of hours in the kitchen just preparing and cooking.

luckily, they are absolutely delicious.
the pecans were stupid expensive, so i used almonds, which i like better anyhow. additionally, i had no brandy so i left it out, but i think that's ok. the apricot portion is really fruity and full of honey.
the most decadent breakfast.

boozy ice cream.

bourbon-mint ice cream. recipe courtesy of GQ. like a mint julep.
i felt like this recipe had too many steps for ice cream.
picked tons of mint from casey's front yard, but i forgot to buy eggs. so, i only made a half recipe. in the end, that's probably best because we'll just eat it up really fast anyhow.
shira is going to be pleased. this is a good one.



lemon balm in the CSA this week. what to do with it?
put it in a cocktail, of course.
that's gin and soda and lemon and lemon balm.
the taste of summer.

a hole in the wall.

after attempting to see the alexander mcqueen show at the met and discovering there was a 1.5 hour wait, yelena, casey, and i walked up to the guggenheim, only to find the museum running at half-capacity. the main galleries were closed due to the upcoming show. disappointed, we left to stumble onto one of the wafels and dinges carts outside.
their waffles are awesomepants. and we ate them (nutella + strawberry and banana + strawberry) in these holes in the walls under the museum. a perfect spot for rain-day waffle consumption.

and sauntered down the street to the neue galerie for its ever-spectacular collection.

two days.

two mornings of bagels. the second, at la bagel delight, ended with the italian rainbow cookie or tri-color pastry, which casey had never had before. it's an almond extract-laden cake surrounded by chocolate. of course michelle had to make sure he had one immediately. she's a good one, even if she thought it made sense to move to LA.
the shake shack 'shroom burger: a huge mushroom stuffed with melty cheese and deep fried and then put on a soft bun with special sauce of who-knows-what. we ate ours with fries and a rootbeer on a lovely upper west side bench while doing some good people-watching. mainly kid-watching. those museum-going kids are funny ones.

yes, we had already consumed the meal when i snapped this photo. we'd also been awake since 4am.
fancy water fountains that TALK TO YOU on the highline. we received advice on hydrating and skin care and social anxiety.

it was imperative that i consumed a people's pop on that hot hot hot day. i ate mine so fast i cannot remember what flavor it was (it was pink and delicious), but i know casey had a blueberry-chai. holy hell. i am going to have to step my pop-making.


oh, yes.

a full report to come. lots of drinks with these kids.

and yes, this photograph WAS taken in my post-highline euphoria, drinking a "brooklyn high line elevated wheat" beer at tom colicchio's the lot on tap.



new york, i love you. so i am coming to visit. to eat your foods and look at your art and lay in your grass and listen to your noise and drink your cocktails and i don't even care that there is going to be record-breaking heat. my hair fits in a ponytail and i've got my hand fan and there is SELTZER IN EVERY BODEGA. yesiree.


close to bibimbap.

saturday was dedicated to terrariums. yes, i have been fairly obsessed with making one for months and finally convinced my friends that it would be cheaper and more fun if we made them as a group. agreement all around.
but dinner. oh, dinner. shira and i received chinese cabbage in the CSA last week and hadn't yet even begun to eat it and now there were more greens and well, it gets kind of crazy in the fridge. 

she doesn't eat soy so sometimes stir-frys are less than excellent, but we made do. while cooking the jasmine rice, i sauteed the cabbage with sesame oil and fresh ginger, with a little sugar and salt and sriracha. and she sauteed the green part of the spring onions with red peppers, turnips, and vidalia onion.

but we knew that it was lacking a fried egg. after the onion-turnip-pepper mixture was cooked, we put it in with the cabbage and fried in the eggs in the oily pan. perfect. seriously, shira made the most absolutely perfect fried eggs. she claims it was the sesame oil in the pan, but really, she's just miraculous. 
 the proudest.



mechanical problems on my flight from des moines to minneapolis. hours of delay. a re-route through detroit. a meal voucher for $7.

so, i get to detroit (which is a really nice airport, by the way) and have an hour layover and this meal voucher. and i am not hungry. i walk into the nearest bar and ask the bartender if i can buy a beer with this voucher. and, seriously? some guy high-fives me.

but, yes. the answer is yes. you CAN buy a beer with a meal voucher.

back to breakfast.

lots of delicious meals with this guy, who always allows me to photograph him eating over and over until i get it right. mostly it means that he sometimes finishes eating before me, but that's ok because he always wants seconds. so it works out, y'know?
this is actually last sunday's breakfast; no photographs from this morning.
  • carrots + hummus
  • sliced cucumbers
  • whole wheat toast + alfalfa sprouts + fried egg
  • roasted cauliflower + dinosaur kale + garlic
  • some sort of semi-soft cheese (i forget its name; it was last week.)
yes. awesomeness.
(oh! and i am using instagram these days--i love all those beautiful settings and filters.)


snackety snack.

i have consumed a lot of cheese + crackers lately.  a lot a lot. 
you cannot go wrong with this choice.


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