this is not a wafel.

there are few photographs from my vacation to belgium; my then-boyfriend ludo insisted upon the fact that we use a "real" camera. unfortunately, with all of the rain and hail and grey skies and lack of flash, there are only a handful of captured moments of those 2 weeks of magritte, weird musical instruments, the mannequin pis, and numerous paper envelopes full of frites.

it was 2005 and i am a luddite and so i did not own a digital camera yet. ludo did. but that's neither here nor there. he photographed my entire life for many years.

and belgian snacks are heavenly. let's make a list.
1. fries. i really don't think it's necessary to describe my love for them in this post, because there are not enough words in the english language to attempt that feat.
2. chocolate. beautiful and perfect.
3. speculoos. belgian gingerbread that is served with every coffee ordered, often with a shot of brandy. belgian coffee is inadequate overall, so there are treats alongside it.
4. beer. those monks really get it. in a way that no one else in the word does. it must be all of that free time. but seriously, the beligan beers continue to be my favorites.
5. waffles. the ultimate street food. sugary and chewy and covered in nutella or any other sort of wonderment you might imagine. but also mind-blowing plain. yes. they're THAT good.

there's a belgian waffle truck in new york. wafels and dinges. it moves to a new location each day, twittering its whereabouts. the dinges are the toppings--everything from strawberries to whipped cream to nutella to a speculoos cream. and more. yes. it was parked near school the other afternoon so i dragged michelle the 7 blocks out of her way for one. scrumdiddlyumptious.

and then i learned that bobby flay threwdown with the truck! tracy and i just watched the episode, and now i want one. it's midnight. impossible. ergh.

on another note, i am ready to return to europe. it's been SO long already. and i'm hungry.

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Lindsey said...

speculoos creme on your gaufrettes, in New York? You people have all the good food trucks. I got a mediocre falafel sandwich from a truck in Boston, once.

I want gaufrettes with nutella, goddammit.


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