the soup. the SOUP.

let me tell you a story. about the night of january 22nd.

shira and i had been fantasizing about making bess feigenbaum's cabbage soup; before we had moved to pleasant drive, i was reading about it and she emailed me and told me she wanted us to make it as soon as we lived together. (are we a match made in heaven, or what?)

agreed. items were purchased. in the car. cabbage is heavy.
we started cooking. but, there's this part where one has to BLEND the hot soup. what happened, you ask? the blender blew the soup through the top! all over me. all over the kitchen. it was as if i had murdered someone in here. it was absolutely everywhere.
i had to get undressed in the kitchen. i thought i was being burned through my shirt, but luckily, no such thing was happening. it was just a total mess.
most of the soup was still in the blender and the pot. and we got to eat it. for a week.

naturally, it was delicious. but if you make it, skip the blending part. it's unnecessary. and potentially threatening to your kitchen.

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