things are happening. too fast. i am always behind and always working. and casey is attempting this whole gluten-free life, at my suggestion, no less. so eating is weird altogether.

but i wanted to make this tart. and i don't always love mark bittman, as i think he seems to not-really-love vegetables. yes, i know he has a whole cookbook to vegetarian cooking, but i was always under the impression that he eating the veggies because he should, not because they are delicious. and it just puts me off. but, yes, i do follow him on twitter.

so i made the tart, which casey thought was some sort of dessert pizza, and i guess it is. you only need 2 apples, not 3-4. i added an extra tablespoon of sugar and some shakes of cinnamon to the crust mixture, as i was using the gf flour and it tends to get dusty, as april and i might say.

it's pretty delicious. and easy. i already had all of the ingredients at home, which is the key to cooking these days. and i made it while doing homework. and it's fall and cold and i want to eat hot things with apples.

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