yeah, so.

i've been totally slacking at this blogging, wearing my "driving googles," as casey calls them, mostly to drive his dog (who seems to have a thing for australian shepherds) back and forth to the dog park while he vacationed in jackson hole. YEAH, seriously.
however, last week, he returned and so i am back in action, crafting it up with miss alex and baking sage biscuits and drinking dark beers and eating fried eggs. not all at one time. but mostly.
i swear i will tell y'all more things. sometimes life just gets in the way, which is kinda sorta why you can just read my twitter and know all of the minutia of my eating life. 


Lindsey said...

SAGE biscuits, yummmm. Fresh sage, or dried sage? With cheese? Biscuit porn: not what it sounds like.

ashley said...

fresh (organic) sage! we bought some for another recipe, and it (surprisingly) kept really well in the fridge and so we made another--more than a week later!

no cheese. but that would be something. something delicious.


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