it's like i forgot i eat breakfast.

seriously, i am still eating fried eggs like a mad woman. and last saturday, post farmers' market, i made the most delicious breakfast i have had in a while: sourdough with tomato, fried egg, and smoky mozzarella (which i am obsessed with these days). and some broccoli and cauliflower.
it is likely that the photos do not do it justice. this sandwich was AH-mazing.


Lindsey said...

haven't eaten a fresh tomato in what seems like decades. WINTER. i'm great at making turkey meatloaf with parsley and diced mushrooms, though?

your tomato and smoky mozz fried egg sandwich sounds so dreamy. i've read this entry three times.

ashley said...

it's so stupid good, lindsey.

we've been getting tomatoes in the farmers' market for at least a month. it's definitely not the loveliness of summer, but it's not bad either.


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