it's all happening.

1. the pepper plants are growing! i am hoping to put them all in the boxes this weekend. (blue bonnet buds are showing up, too.)
2. blue bell ice cream arrives in the triangle. oh, YES. it is "the country's best ice cream" and it is from texas, obviously.
3. i am going to write a law paper on why it's ok to positively discriminate against small farmers. oh my.
4. ben meier brought me black mission fig bitters from brooklyn. with a medicine dropper for dispensing!
5. we're getting bon appetit again. and got 2 issues at once. one with cinnamon buns on the front, which i have been craving for weeks, oddly.
6. the garden project is back in action.


MPM said...

2 things:

1. I would like to read your law paper.

2. What exactly is positive discrimination???

ashley said...

in a positive way. as in, it's good for the small farmers to left out of the legislation that affects all farmers. it's ok to discriminate against them. or at least that's where i stand right now.

once the paper is written, you can certainly read it. i am sure it will bore you to tears.

Theodore said...


I am throwing an event in the Triangle on April 15th and I thought you could be a perfect fit. It is an amateur cook-off and the winner wins a trip to Brooklyn. I am looking for competitors. I would like to send an email with additional email. Is that okay?

My email is: thefoodexpeiments@gmail.com

also you can check out our website at www.thewoodexperiments.com

All the best,


ashley said...

Yes! Send it along.


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