20 to 30.

how will i remember ten meals? i might do not.

(also, in the time it took to start this post and upload some photographs, i ate a pile of sushi. did i make it at home? yes. it was full of tofu and pickled carrots and cucumbers and i covered it in tamari and wasabi and pickled ginger. oh, and i drank some unfiltered saki. a day without class in the morning, no matter how much work i have, is something special.)

april 20th and 21st. on both of these nights, i watched casey climb rocks. in a competition. it was awesome. and he was so strong (that route was ranked a 12, for those who understand-- i do not). and super adorable. it was like this:

it also meant that i ate in restaurant afterwards on friday and i have no clue what i ate on saturday. i think it was greek fries at the standard. as if that's a dinner. 

this is when it becomes a blur. luckily, there are photographs of a few moments of greatness. 

1. casey and i grill it up and eat veggie burgers on ciabatta with tomatoes, grilled onions, and avocado. along with some corn. it's the season!
 2. i make one of the best fried eggs i have ever made. i throw some old rice in a pan with onions and garlic and stir fry. i toss the egg on top and cover it in provolone. then i devour it with kirby cucumbers and carrots and hummus.
 3. shira and i roast some pearl tomatoes in the toaster with olive oil, oregano, thyme, garlic, and who knows what else. then, we toss some linguine with broccoli rabe (that we cooked in the pasta water!) and olive oil and garlic and cover it with parmesan. this might have been from bon appetit but i am really not positive anymore.
 4. this was the night we made the curried egg salad (definitely from bon appetit, probably april) and ate it open-faced on toast with pea shoots. also in the mix was this awesome salad of avocado, celery, radish, and cucumber from bought, borrowed, and stolen. (that book is the rockest. soon i will have to return it to inter-library loan.)
on april 29th, casey and i made bean salad to take to a cookout with his work buddies. all sorts of beans and parsley and olive oil.

and! on may 3rd, shira and i hosted a "make your own banh mi" party. i have no clue if there are photos but it was delicious (as well as shira's first time making pork--and at least her second with rhubarb crisp!). we'll have to ask her if there are pictures.

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