let's have a party; we'll all dance the hora.

i abandoned the great latke recipe of my mother's best friend, marsha, for that of adam rapoport. i am really trying to get the most of the bon appetit these days--i've been in a bean-pasta-carborific food rut for quite a while. the latke recipe did not really change that rut, just the way i intake the carbs. 

but, i digress. 

i followed this recipe to a T, minus the schmaltz, which i might have used if i actually had some. yes, even though i have been a vegetarian for a zillion years at this point.
the entire recipe is at the above link, so i won't repost it, but adam has us put all the grated onions and potatoes into a towel and wring them out. not a terrible idea. 

yep, i mixed all the wet things with the fancy anthropologie kitchen gear of last christmas. 

i made them in the cast iron, with canola oil, because that's what i had (the oil and the pan), but i don't think it really matters. 

this recipe is specfically for crispy latkes, which i actually don't think are my favorite, but they were certainly delicious.
with sour cream AND applesauce. (and a salad so we get some nutrients).

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