i was a good girl.

somehow, kim managed to make 2 meals for me last week. (yes, pie is a meal.) she's a busy person, and rarely cooks for herself, much less for others.

but, oh, president's day. day off.
i grew up in the south, but i did not grow up eating grits. my mother doesn't like them, and so they were never made in my house. i always thought they were a little weird, texturally, so i never ordered them in a restaurant. but, everyone else i know from the south eats them.

kim wanted to make grits, and i said i would try them exactly how she likes them: with lots of butter and salt. i mean, how could that be unsatisfying? in addition, she made an omelet with goat cheese, a salad of arugula and red bell pepper, and added some carrots. almost every meal at my house has carrots. i love them.

i ate the grits; they weren't bad. they are made from corn! but i still don't love that gritty texture.

overall, it was fantastic. like her.

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Lindsey said...

yummy, omelet time! with goat cheese. and arugula. and carrots. and buttery grits! sounds good - i'll take it.


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