how to move an egg.

yes, it's a tampons box with 2 eggs and a toilet paper roll.

in the school where i teach, the physics classes always do this experiment where one has to create a carrier for an egg to be thrown from a high point and not break. i never took physics but i am sure that this has to do with absorbing shock.

i went to michelle's last week, with the plan of making us breakfast before we geeked out and colored in 19th century-themed coloring books. but i was only going to bring a couple of eggs on the journey, and did not want to transport the entire container.

what to do but look in the paper recycling bin for inspriation? c'mon. it worked. the eggs arrived intact.
and i made migas. again. with garlicky red potatoes, white rice(!) sauteed with onion and pepper, sliced heirloom tomatoes, and chips and salsa. oh, and beer and coffee. it's vacation, folks!

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Lindsey said...

I did that experiment in 7th grade, I think. Dropping the eggs from the top of a school building. We had to built some shock absorbing egg-containers. Some people suspended their eggs in water and plastic bags. Other people used styrofoam, foam rubber, etc. I can't remember what my group used. Maybe bubble wrap.


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