minetta tavern.

i knew about the black label burger at minetta tavern months and months ago. i had heard some pretty awesome things. i have been a vegetarian for over 18 years.

the black label burger is a 1/2 pound mix of prime dry-aged ribeye, brisket, and skirt steak. the exact combination is a closely-guarded secret. it comes on a brioche-style bun with caramelized onions. it needs nothing else. no condiments, no other vegetables.

so i feel like leaving new york is like dying, like there are things i have to do before i go. eating this burger is one of those things. and my friends got really excited about the prospects of it all.

we made a plan. and went last night. and i ordered a drink called the josephine, which had an entire apricot in it. and then we ate. appetizers to start and then half of a burger.

yelena filmed it:

it was buttery, and a bit bloody, and tasty. decadent and spectacular.

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