chubby chubby.

casey bought a groupon for chubby's tacos, which meant we could have twice the amount of tacos for half the price. we had both heard lovely things about chubby's so it just seemed right. there was quite a bit to choose from, so i just started ordering all the vegetarian goodies until i thought we'd had enough.
3 kinds of tacos (including a chile relleno taco), a spinach gordita platter with rice and black beans, a couple of mexican beers. we were so full of greasy goodness that we had to take a little walk around the neighborhood before we could get back in the car. 

overall, it was pretty delicious, but nothing to write home about, though casey says i write home about everything (e.g., this blog, the postcards, and the like). i wanted spicier overall, though i must say that the salsas were awesome. and there were like 8 from which to choose. insanity.

we've got another groupon so more treats are to be had. 

**that incredible face he's making is because he's hungry and all i want to do is photograph the food. adorable, huh?

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