so i thought i might eat whale, or puffin heart, or some local fish. but it was expensive. and did not sound appealing. the icelanders do eat a lot of soup, and so i tried a traditional one, with lamb in it. it reminded me of tina's brisket. yes, i know brisket is cow, not lamb. but it did, i swear. i also ate a lot of yogurt. skyr. it's so tasty and cheap and it comes in a million flavors, it seems. i tried as many as i could, and i was never disappointed. and my favorite brand came with a collapsable spoon as well.
as predicted, after an afternoon at the blue lagoon, i drank a beer. a viking. that's what it is called; it's a cheap beer, like pbr or lone star. drinkable, but nothing to write home about.
it was really all about the scenery. the glaciers. geysers. mountains. fjords. it was spectacular. like i was on the moon.

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