oh, mad men. i love how you smoke and drink and have sex like it is going out of style.

and "do laps." michelle and i love this expression, which we learned from the show. it's "having another round," really. but so classy. and perfect for when you are having an old-fashioned, it seems.

i had my first old-fashioned last weekend at prime meats in carroll gardens. i am not a huge fan of whiskey, ever since i drank jack daniels from the bottle when i was 15. anyhow, i have been trying to be a better drinker lately and try things that fall outside my comfort zone.

this was a tasty cocktail. rye whiskey. included one perfect piece of ice, muddled fruit, and PEAR bitters. i drank two. did a "lap." so grown up.


Lindsey said...

You drank a whiskey cocktail! You drank two of them! HOT DAMN, ASHLEY.

blake said...

how are we both into old fashions now. when did we become bill?


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