because i forgot.

i bet you want to know what i've been eating.
  1. monday, october 26, dinner: elbow pasta with organic tomatoes, red and yellow peppers, oyster mushroom, onion, and garlic.
  2. sunday, october 25, breakfast: fried egg, black beans with onion and jalapeno, garlicked baby fingerling potatoes, brussels sprouts, sliced cucumber, and corn chips. (pretty much a bit of everything i had in the apartment)
  3. monday-friday, october 19-23, breakfast: organic plain yogurt with blackberry-peach jelly (from my trip to the berkshires) and beowulf blend coffee from oren's. (i love that it's a literary blend, even though i didn't love beowulf when i read it in high school.)
  4. lots of empire apples, also from the trip, but not purchased in berkshires. they are from upstate new york. eat locally, kids.
there are a plethora of foods that we don't grow anywhere near here, and a good citizen would try not to eat them when they are not in season. but how does one go all winter without tomatoes? thoughts?

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