a surfeit of things. yes, just things.
  • the anatomy of a burger. let me tell you where the e. coli comes from. or not.
  • the 2008 farm bill, which includes the conservation reserve program transition option, which includes "offers a special incentive of two years of extra CRP rental payments to owners of land, which is currently in the CRP but returning to production, who rent or sell to beginning or socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers who will use sustainable grazing practices, resource-conserving cropping systems, or transition to organic production." holy moly. subsidies to organic farmers. it's a start.
  • a podcast: what farmers think of michael pollan.
  • libertarian ideas on wal-mart and the selling of good food.
  • the "fried food capital of texas," the texas state fair. wishing i was eating deep-fried peaches and cream.
  • purchased the 1957 betty crocker cookbook for kids for jordan rose. if she grows up to hate baking, i expect to get this book back. it's amazing.
  • for myself, eating for victory by jill norman. one of these days, i am going to write a cookbook for eating during the current depression/recession/cataclysmic economic mess.
  • oh, and, um, i am on twitter. follow me here.

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