cake crisis.

i had planned to make a vanilla cake with buttercream icing and strawberries for jordan's 1st birthday. and then, saturday morning came, and i could not find my 9-inch cake pans. crisis.

why? no stores near my house to buy baking supplies. you'd think i was still in harlem.

luckily, courtney said it was ok to make cupcakes instead; of course i could find the materials necessary for those. and i have a carrying case. yes. i consulted the baker's field guide to cupcakes to find some quick recipes. they were so easy to understand, required no weird ingredients or double-boiling, and i could make tacos while the cake part was in the oven.

chocolate and vanilla cake with sugary-buttery vanilla icing and pink sprinkles. 'cause i am under the impression jordan likes pink.

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