how to be portuguese, part iii

rule number three: like really old things.

(i know you are thinking, this is a blog about food. like, what is she doing? but, to know the visit is to know the food and everything else. it all leads into the wine, i swear.)

sé de lisboa. the oldest cathedral in the city, built in 1147.
there's a cloister in the back. and an excavation. apparently they have found proof of things centuries older than the cathedral itself.
castelo de são jorge. fortified (as shown by the cannon) castle high above lisbon.

monasterio de jerónimos, in belém, west of lisbon. created in the manueline style. includes vasco da gama's tomb, or so they say.
museu arqueológico do carmo, lisbon. once a church, now a museum of archaeology.
i ventured to sintra, which was truly beautiful. first, i visited the palacio nacional, but then took a very windy bus ride up to the palacio & park da pena.
it was so far north that i was in the fog.

and, oh, the portuguese love these blue tiles. they are everywhere. there's even a museum dedicated to them.
ok. onto the wine. the port.

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