a miniature catalog of notions.

1. i want there to be a song about abilene like maybellene. but there's not. after tracy and i returned from our texas independence day drinks, i ate this seemingly boring meal. but it was not: half fried egg sandwich (on a weeknight!) and a pile of steamed broccoli. (the broccoli, i have just learned, can be steamed in the microwave. less energy than heating on the stove.)
2. the atlantic wrote a great article comparing whole foods to wal-mart. terrifying. from all directions. mostly, i don't want to shop in either place.
3. i attended a food conference last saturday: footprint. it was overwhelmingly busy, and so i only stayed for one panel (culinary cartography). overall, it was really exciting to see that there are so many new yorkers interested in the same ideas as myself--wanting to learn more about the production and distribution, economics, social aspects, science, and policy of food and drink.
4. there's a tomato shortage (due to a frozen south) and a recall for so many random items that i do not even want to type a list.
5. tonight's dinner: spicy chickpeas, garlicky asparagus with onion and pak-choi, steamed broccoli, and a salad of carrots, tomatoes, and avocado. why is the photograph blurry? no idea, but i am not posting it.
6. yelena gave me a punch bowl with matching punch cups for my birthday. i want to make a new punch, and a smith island cake. and then have people come over. to consume both.
7. i am going to make jordan's birthday cake tomorrow. can you believe she's a year old? i am thinking vanilla cake with buttercream icing and strawberries. sounds good, right?


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Pat said...

There is a very famous 195's CW song about Abilene;

Abilene, Abilene, purdiest town that I've ever seen. Women there don't treat you mean in Abilene, my Abilene!


You can even get the ring tone for your phone!


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