before the drive.

i really thought i was going to eat like a crazy carnivore before i left new york: hot dogs and sushi and sausage pizza and god knows what else. but i didn't. my friends did surprise me with a dinner at walter foods and i got so emotionally tangled and confused that i ordered (and ate!) fried chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy. but that was an anomaly. an oddly delicious anomaly. i also thought i would eat doughnuts at the doughnut plant and that ludo would force me to try the bbq at fette sau, but those events never happened.

mostly, i tried to eat everything from the csa. and then some. mostly sandwiches.
courtney and i did do a trip to sri pra phai, where we ate pretty much everything vegetarian on the menu. it was a true feast that i did not photograph because we were so excited and ate it all. but it did begin with the orangiest and tastiest thai iced tea ever.and, just for sentimentality, the last meal i made in the apartment. a sandwich made with the end of the baguette, toasted with cheddar cheese, and probably tomatoes. a sliced kirby cucumber (my fave). leftover brown rice sauteed with onions and green beans. and an iced coffee, from somewhere in da hood.
not pictured: food and cocktails at lucali's, the brooklyn farmacy (which might get its own post), flatbush farm, henry public, cafe pedlar, egg. i really did eat my way out of town.

brooklyn is really going to be hard to top: all that local, organic goodness. sigh.

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