i feel bad about the beans.

i feel a lot of pressure to use dried beans. it might be because they have less salt. and because that is the old-fashioned way of doing things. i am a fan of pickling my own pickles and making my own salad dressing and spaghetti sauces, and i guess it seems like cooking my own beans would be on that list as well.

but i hate it. i hate that i have to soak them, and then cook them. so much time involved. and it takes forever, and i have to make a concerted effort to remember to use them immediately. poo. the soft beans are the best, in my opinion. they only seem to get that way when they are canned.

and other people who cook use the dried varieties, and i feel like an idiot if i want the canned ones.

well, i do. and mark bittman sort of does too. this week, he wrote about "rethinking" the canned beans. he also struggles with the dried ones, but not in the same way. personally, i think he likes the canned ones even more than he has admitted. (i bet he is a secret canned bean eater.)

so there. i am going to stop overthinking the beans. the canned beans i buy are organic. and it's chickpeas and black beans. it's not a hamburger helper pizza burger.

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