from today's nytimes, an article about 3 filmmakers who made a short film called bodega which explores the unfortunate food options in the bronx bodegas. they are funny and smart and remind us that, in a city of incredible food, many people lack real choices.

“This isn’t Whole Foods,” said Dallas Penn, after riffing on all the chemically enhanced cakes, chips and beverages he found in a South Bronx bodega. “It’s part foods,” replied Rafi Kam.

But it is totally funny as part of “Bodega,” a short video that explores the meager options that residents of poor neighborhoods have for healthy eating. The video, which Mr. Kam, Mr. Penn and their friend Casimir Nozkowski made in 2006, joined a growing online oeuvre that has brought them cult status as wisecracking social critics who deconstruct the worlds of check-cashing outlets, street vendors and even sugar-laden breakfast cereal.

and the movie itself:

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Lizz Avalanche said...

i love your blog. post more. that bodega short was cracking me up cause it's so true.


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