the first days of summer. i am always surprised that the weather just "becomes" summer immediately on the right day. it's been hot and humid ever since.

but summertime means summer breakfast. fried eggs and other lovelies.

tuesday, june 21st.
fried egg on sourdough toast with tomatoes and mustard, garlic potatoes, carrots, and avocado.

wednesday, june 22nd.
salad of boston lettuce*, carrots, and mushrooms, with an egg on top, and tossed with a homemade vinaigrette. potatoes with sea salt and crushed pepper. sourdough toast with fresh ricotta and basil.

and always coffee. always.

*this boston lettuce came from the csa share. it might be the best lettuce i have ever tasted. flavorful and pillowy. and i ate lots of lettuce as a child. we could even say lettuce-obsessed.
**i am going to try NOT to eat a fried egg every morning. even though i love them.

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