adult oreos.

salt and pepper cookies. yeah, i said it.

this week's baked adventure was salt and pepper cookies. pretty easy except for a dough glitch. i prepared the cookie dough the night before and put it in the fridge for hours like the authors said. but then it was too hard to roll out! one of the baked kids told me to just try my hardest, that if i smushed it hard enough, it would get soft and ready to roll. he was absolutely right. i just needed to use my body weight to do it.

and they are great, except for the fact that there's quite a bit of crisco in that filling. not my favorite product to incorporate but it certainly made the icing easy to put inside the cookies.

so, yes. an adult oreo, if you will.
and sunday lunch: grilled cheese with two kinds of cheddar and tomato, anjou pear slices, seeded corn chips and a dollop of hummus.

sorry so late. the weather was so nice i eventually just had to get out of the kitchen.


Lindsey said...

do the s&p cookies taste just like oreos?

ashley said...

no. there's a good taste of salt and pepper at the end.

you'd probably like them, except for all the butter and the crisco.

Lindsey said...

and the flour. but i bet they're damn good, too. i love sweet + savory. dammit.


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