austin. austin. austin.

do you feel like i might never go back to houston? that i just keep heading to austin instead? it seems that way, right? it's really awesome to have courtney there. plus her super family. seriously.

in addition to the copious amounts of tacos throughout the week, i had frito pie at shady grove. served just how i wanted it: vegetarian chili poured onto the fritos bag with a pile of jalapenos. and a beer. the ultimate texas treat, and made for vegetarians. rock.
the same day, i got a text from courtney informing me that there was a six-pack of lonestar tallboys in her fridge. yes. yes. i graphed their superiority for casey right before i left. i understand economics so much better when there are beer-based examples. 
amy's ice cream. always and forever.
happy as a clam.

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