this guy.

a post-dog park dinner with casey and huck.

i was in the mood for potato salad and stopped by the food cooperative and wound up with all sorts of goodies, like small ciabattas.

what did i do with them? well, let me tell you. i sauteed a bit of kale in olive oil with garlic.  i sliced the ciabatta in half: one side got the kale and the other had sliced mushrooms, tomatoes, and cheddar. and a bit of mayonnaise.

and then, my super sandwiches set my toaster on fire. don't worry! i unplugged it and didn't open the door, following the instructions on the front of it. the sandwiches were not even burned. can you believe it?

but. the potato salad. i used the spectrum canola mayonnaise. but i am a hellman's kind of girl. and i think there are some things that just need to taste a certain way. my potato salad was not what i envisioned. it was sub-par. hellman's is the most superior mayonnaise. next time, if i want a non-mass-produced, potentially-healthier mayonnaise, i am just going to make it myself. it's just eggs and oil.
in conclusion, a salad of beets, carrots, and tomatoes, with goddess dressing.

and then i vacuumed. because huck leaves his hair all over the place. luckily, i don't mind too much.

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Lindsey said...

Toaster fires and exploding burning soups. Are you sure you don't have a kitchen ghost, making trouble?

I like the Spectrum Canola Mayo. But, I haven't tasted Hellman's in years. And I just need some way to make the canned tuna go down easier - I need protein. But I loathe canned fish. I've been using dill, mayo, and cold peas. I might try curry powder and mayo next. Ugh.

I made a "pesto" of almonds and parsley and garlic and lemon and chili. To help remove the heavy metals I'm probably getting with the tuna. I like to think it's working. Plus, it's nice as a topping for proteins, or a dip for carrots.

I miss you. Tell me about your future mayonnaise experiments. Don't burn the kitchen down.


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