close to bibimbap.

saturday was dedicated to terrariums. yes, i have been fairly obsessed with making one for months and finally convinced my friends that it would be cheaper and more fun if we made them as a group. agreement all around.
but dinner. oh, dinner. shira and i received chinese cabbage in the CSA last week and hadn't yet even begun to eat it and now there were more greens and well, it gets kind of crazy in the fridge. 

she doesn't eat soy so sometimes stir-frys are less than excellent, but we made do. while cooking the jasmine rice, i sauteed the cabbage with sesame oil and fresh ginger, with a little sugar and salt and sriracha. and she sauteed the green part of the spring onions with red peppers, turnips, and vidalia onion.

but we knew that it was lacking a fried egg. after the onion-turnip-pepper mixture was cooked, we put it in with the cabbage and fried in the eggs in the oily pan. perfect. seriously, shira made the most absolutely perfect fried eggs. she claims it was the sesame oil in the pan, but really, she's just miraculous. 
 the proudest.

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Lindsey said...

cruciferous vegetables sauteed or roasted + eggs = WIN!


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