i had a jar of egg whites. well, actually i had jars of various random things in the fridge and they are never labeled and i am always telling shira what the hell is inside of them. i had these egg whites because i had been making bourbon-mint(!!) ice cream and it only called for yolks. and there's no way i was just going to throw out the whites.

so i scrambled them with some onions in butter and threw them on a sandwich with fontina cheese and lemon cucumber, on toasted sourbough (which i am really into these days). i ate it with sauteed broccoli + squash.

tuesdays aren't usually the greatest for eating. wednesday is CSA day--and we got peaches this week.

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Katie said...

I need to have more days like this where I cook from what's left in my pantry. We also got peaches at the farmers' market today, and I was amazed at how ripe they already are!


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