two days.

two mornings of bagels. the second, at la bagel delight, ended with the italian rainbow cookie or tri-color pastry, which casey had never had before. it's an almond extract-laden cake surrounded by chocolate. of course michelle had to make sure he had one immediately. she's a good one, even if she thought it made sense to move to LA.
the shake shack 'shroom burger: a huge mushroom stuffed with melty cheese and deep fried and then put on a soft bun with special sauce of who-knows-what. we ate ours with fries and a rootbeer on a lovely upper west side bench while doing some good people-watching. mainly kid-watching. those museum-going kids are funny ones.

yes, we had already consumed the meal when i snapped this photo. we'd also been awake since 4am.
fancy water fountains that TALK TO YOU on the highline. we received advice on hydrating and skin care and social anxiety.

it was imperative that i consumed a people's pop on that hot hot hot day. i ate mine so fast i cannot remember what flavor it was (it was pink and delicious), but i know casey had a blueberry-chai. holy hell. i am going to have to step my pop-making.

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Colin said...

The best rainbow cookies are Rocco's bakery. Just sayin.


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