i've been really sick. like ironic foodborne illness sick. don't worry; i'm on the mend and eating solid foods that are mostly white and bland. shira brought bagels back from new york so that's been incredibly helpful in my recovery. and i've got good-looking photographs of food to post.

on another note, i really suck at poaching eggs. and farrell explains how to do it perfectly. and i read the whole section about it in the joy of cooking. and it's still a total fail. i'll get there. farrell will have to walk me through it again. he just doesn't know it yet.

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Lindsey said...

To poach, the water has to be *almost* boiling. Like with the tiny bubbles coating the sides of the pan, not with big rolling bubbles. Tiny bubbles = perfect time to crack the eggs and leave them alone for five minutes. Don't touch. No vinegar. My two cents. So glad you are recovering with NY bagels. Maybe applesauce.


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