after peregrine.

i am completely smitten with peregrine espresso. sometimes i forget what it is called and i just tell casey i want to go to the place named for the bird. and then i tried to call it "serious" to april and adam (who visited us in DC last saturday!) but that did not go over well at all. it's just that they only do coffee. no syrups or frozen concoctions or any of those coffees that are practically ice creams. just amazeballs coffee. i think i've gotten a beautiful cappuccino every time i've been there and scones that just blow my mind. this time, i had fig and vanilla bean. WHAT?

so, of course, casey suggests that we walk the dogs to peregrine and i go inside and tell him we can't eat the scone until we go home because it is freezing cold. and we have the glorious coffees. so we go home and eat the scone and then the kid wants lunch.

and i'll eat lunch because i am going to get in a car with the dog for almost 5 hours and i should eat first.  it was almost a birthday lunch because i made casey open his gifts before i left and his birthday was in two days and we ate grilled cheese on wheat with chard inside and some greasy garbanzos with chard stems.
oh yes. that coffee. that boyfriend. i could have stayed there.

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