an early arrival to durham for a meeting meant i got to visit hummingbird bakery. seriously, kids, it was the sweetest little place. i asked the barista to tell me about all of the things, and she was so wonderful about it. in addition to coffee (dark), i chose a lemon-raspberry cupcake. it's a rarity for me to actually want a cupcake, but it was so beautiful and sounded so lovely (i am in a bit of a citrus phase-- eating loads of grapefruits).

i didn't eat it for almost 3 hours! the meeting was delayed (but there was wine) and then, when i got home, i walked the pup and made my own dinner. and then! finally. i ate it.

divinity. i bet this awesomeness was made at like 7am. and! the cake was not dry at all. and it had raspberry filling! and the icing, while a little over the top, was lemon buttercream. OMFG. i ate it with a fork so that i could get icing and cake on every bite. yes. it was everything.

the photographs do not do it justice; i was impatient.

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