i did not wear the gold bikini to class.

though there was a star wars themed final exam. and i made star wars cookies: yoda, darth vader, and stormtroopers. in appropriate colors (and flavors) and iced.

williams-sonoma sells these miraculous cookie cutters, and i followed the recipe on the packaging. for the cocoa darth vaders, i used a bon appetit christmas recipe. they were definitely the superior cookie.

a short photo essay (the pictures really tell the story here):
1. the recipe. on the wall. i made two batches, one dyed light green for yoda. 
2. the butter. more than a pound in total.
3. fresh bags of sugar and flour. because well, i made about 100 cookies.
4. the stormtroopers, before they went into the oven.
5. the yodas, freshly cut. i added green balls for eyes.

totally amazing. those fancy cookie cutters are worth every penny. the detail was amazing. and the students were totally impressed. 

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