maybe like at oneg shabbat.

when i think of oneg shabbat (the little reception after friday night shabbat services), i think that there might have been a pull-apart cake. or maybe it was the luncheon after saturday morning services. i know it was there. typically made from those pre-made pillsbury biscuits that pop(!!) when you open the can. but i digress.

recently, i saw a recipe in the internets for monkey bread, which is apparently how many folks call it. and this one was a little more detailed, with yeast and a couple of rises and definitely a bigger time commitment. but as soon as i saw it, i wanted it. so i made it for the book discussion (i will not get into the book, because i could not stand it.). it was a total hit. like bite-sized cinnamon buns.
a note: i didn't have a bundt so i used an angel food pan. a few pieces got stuck to the bottom but i just refitted them to the top of the cake. and there's icing, so i bet no one noticed anyhow.

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