day of fun.

michelle and i embarked on a "day of fun" yesterday. this was apparently "day of fun 2.5." (for those paying attention, this is "burrito" michelle, my colleague.) we went to grimaldi's. i had never been. i was possibly the last resident of new york who had never even tasted their pies. even my parents have.

it was incredible. quite possibly the best pizza i have ever had. i cannot think of better. thin, baked, crispy crust, fresh mozzarella, a bit of basil and perfect tomato sauce. really. and i never gush about pizza.

so we looked at whimsical french children's books and travelogues in the lovely powerhouse bookstore. and then. voila! almondine. we bought both passionfruit and pistachio macarons. the passionfruit was so tasty that we had to go back for more. and then! we bought black currant and raspberry as well.
and then, of course, beer. michelle drank a beer called mother's milk. i am not kidding. it's made in new york by keegan ales. she loved it. and she's got good taste (and takes great photos).

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