rock rockin' it.

president obama wants to make our food safer to eat. me too. he thinks the failure to inspect 95% of food-processing plants was “a hazard to the public health.” well, that's an understatement.

Mr. Obama announced the creation of a Food Safety Working Group, which will include the secretaries of health and agriculture, to advise him on which laws and regulations need to be changed, to foster coordination across federal agencies, and to ensure that laws are enforced. Along with Mr. Obama’s announcement, Tom Vilsack, the agriculture secretary, announced that “downer cattle,” or those that cannot walk, will be banned from slaughter. In the past, cattle that passed a pre-slaughter inspection and then became injured could be sold into the food system if an inspector certified the meat as safe. This case-by-case exception system will be abandoned. Last year, only about 1,000 out of 34 million slaughtered cattle got into the food supply with such exceptions.

i think i should be a part of the food safety working group. i know things.

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