safety and definitions.

let's define organic. in terms of food production. the short version? because it's complicated.

lacking in synthetic substances. no fertilizers or hormones.

the us department of agriculture has rules. a person can't just label anything it wants to be organic. and no one said organic would taste better, or keep you from getting sick, or save the world. it's just that there are plenty of us who do not want to eat too much pesticide. so, there are specifications.

in the nytimes dining section this week, there was an article about people making a decision not to buy organic food anymore because of the recent salmonella outbreak. one has nothing to do with the other. i have been thinking about this article for days and it just makes me mad. organic food can become contaminated in the same ways that conventional food can become contaminated. the organic label is about its creation and treatment.

read the article, and then disregard it. people are lacking intelligence. and any kind of analytical skills. that's why the economy is a bust.

it's like people have chosen NOT to look both ways before crossing the street.

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