yes. breakfast. i know.

it's like i want to eat breakfast all of the time. especially breakfast tacos.

i typically buy corn tortillas, because the flour ones (which i actually enjoy more) tend to have all sorts of processed and inexplicable ingredients. i also love potatoes, but never make them. there are certain lovely food products that i love and rarely cook and just eat them in restaurants, or when someone makes them for me. potatoes, for sure. in any capacity.

but i made some last weekend. i boiled them for a little while first so that when i put them in the oven, it wouldn't take very long. i cooked them on high heat with olive oil, rosemary, and a bit of salt and pepper.

i am sure you have noticed that i mostly fry my eggs, but breakfast tacos warrant scrambled eggs. so i scrambled these onions, and sprinkled shredded havarti over them. i am obsessed with havarti; it's like butter. so creamy. i want to eat it on everything.

and salsa. what's a taco without salsa? or a meal, for that matter?
i hope my goddaughter-to-be likes spicy food.

1 comment:

MPM said...

she will. i'm eating a lot of it now so that she gets a taste for it.


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